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Newsletters are an amazing tool for marketing and building relationships. I’m personally using a newsletter for one of my side projects, HomeSpot HQ, to help build a recurring user base that will continue to grow over time. And while I’d love to talk more about the art of designing a newsletter, this article is aimed at how to get more newsletter subscribers.

Newsletter Signup Box

I’m amazed at how difficult it can be to sign up for a newsletter on some sites. If I love a website’s content, I will actively look to sign up for their newsletter. It is not a common problem for most sites, but there a few that forget to include a simple sign-up form.

Get more newsletter subscribers with a popup "call to action"

Comment Opt-in

Not many websites utilize the “comment opt-in” method, but it is growing in popularity. I like this option because if a user interacts in an article with a comment, they must be fairly interested. Simply add a little checkbox below the comment box that gives the visitor the ability to join the list while discussing the article. Easy peasy.

Popup Box

Just seeing the word “popup” will make most of you cringe. Not many of us are a fan of a popup prompting a visitor to take action. However, the truth of the matter is these popups do show results. I primarily used this method on the HomeSpot HQ blog to build a list of over 8,000 subscribers. That same list would probably be closer to 2,000 without the popup.

Contact Form

contact form newsletter opt-in

If a visitor goes to the trouble of sending a contact form message, they already very engaged with your website. Why not give them an option to subscribe to your newsletter at the same time? All you need to do is add a checkbox since they’ve already filled out their name and email address. It is one of the easiest ways to allow visitors to sign up so the conversion rate is pretty high.

New User Form

An often overlooked method for generating more subscribers is the new user registration form. Webmasters are often times so concerned about get new members for a site that they forget other ways to connect. Multiple channels to connect with a user is a beautiful thing. Try adding a simple box that is pre-checked at the end of the form and I’d bet you see a big spike in new subscribers.

Be Forthright and Give Options

I love signing up for newsletters that are honest upfront. They say exactly how often they send out the newsletter and what the main benefit is to the users. Users hate having to guess if the newsletter is daily, weekly, or monthly. Even better is to give visitors that option for different frequencies and specific categories. You can almost certainly guarantee better interaction and more visits to your website with subscribers that feel in control.

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