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Rachel Golberg

Benevolent Overlord

Rachel has been actively engaged in social media since 2005 and blogging since 2007. Her proudest accomplishment is having written over 300 blog posts.


Tyler Golberg

Web Tinkerer

Tyler has been working on website design since 2005 and SEO since 2011. His proudest accomplishment is growing HomeSpot HQ to over 50,000 visitors a month.


Brad Chancellor

Cat Wrangler

Brad is a Nebraska transplant living in Alex. Formerly with Gallup, he’s currently taking on the role of Client Relationship Manager.


Beth Leipholtz

Web Designer

Beth has a passion for all things creative, whether it be writing, graphic design or photography. She planned to be a journalist for life, but then the design bug got her.


Whitney Fischer

Web Designer

Whitney has over a decade of experience as a graphic designer and has been working within the WordPress platform since 2012 – her passion is to make websites easy to use, while looking really great, at the same time.


Chase Moening


Chase is freshly minted creative designer & artist from Alexandria Technical and Community College that is going on to the University of Wisconsin-Stout to further explore the design world.


CYBERsprout was born out of a passion for creating beautiful websites that make an impact. When done right, a website can quickly establish credibility, empower the visitor, and grow your business or organization. Functionality shouldn’t be sacrificed for design – it should drive it.

The company was founded by Rachel and Tyler Golberg. Rachel was an early adopter of blogging and social media in 2005 and 2007, respectively. She has written over 300 blog posts, some of which have been featured on Networx, Fox News, and Zillow. Tyler started developing websites in 2005. HomeSpot HQ was among the biggest projects and has been featured on Real Simple magazine, Bob Vila’s blog, and HomeAdvisor. The CYBERsprout team has continued to grow from there. Meet the whole team below!

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we are making the internet a beautiful and exciting place.

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