Case Study

Vikingland Builders Association


The Challenge

The Vikingland Builders Association approached CYBERsprout to build a new website to host its first online (virtual) Home Tour. The Home Tour is one of their largest and most lucrative events and due to circumstances they were unable to host the event in-person as normal. They still wanted to create a fun and engaging experience for participants to explore the quality craftsmanship of their members. They also wanted to create an environment that brought value to their paid advertisers.


Our Solution

We quickly realized that when the Home Tour went back to in-person in future years, that a mobile design would be critical to a visitor being able to locate and preview a home listing while out and about using their phone or other mobile device. With this in mind, we took a mobile first, ‘app’ like, approach to the design and navigation. This is particularly noticeable in the navigation within the tour pages.

We also worked to create two environments, one that served the overall organization and catered to the needs of its members. The other was geared specifically to the Home Tour and needs of the public audience.

We built a robust and flexible content management system to allow for the easy management of Sponsor (advertiser) entries, individual home profiles, and member directory. A benefit of the relationship between content is that updates can be made in one unified place and feed into the many places where that content is utilized to save time and maintain accuracy.


A great exploration into the future of mobile design.

The Results


Tour Page Views

Over 38,000 pages were viewed during the Home Tour with increased advertiser exposure.


Listing Drop-off

With the move to virtual, the association was glad to lose no listings.


Mobile Traffic

Over 62% of tour visits were from mobile devices.

jana horstman
“The CYBERsprout team did an amazing job. They always kept me in line and brought the complicated project in on deadline.”

Jana Horstman


Project Details

Non-Profit/Business Organization

Content Management Systems (CMS)Conversion OptimizationCustom Content StructureInformation ArchitectureJourney Mapping & User FlowsMaintenance, Analytics, & TrackingResponsive DesignSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)User Experience DesignVisual Design

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