Case Study

Hagstrom Engineering


The Challenge

Hagstrom Engineering came to CYBERsprout with three primary needs. They needed a site that would allow them to easily add and feature their projects and work. They also needed a site that would help them with their organic search performance (SEO), and lastly needed a design that fit their personality and made them stand apart from their competition.


Our Solution

We started by creating a custom project template along with a content management system that would allow them to enter their project information easily through a few fields. The custom template then displays each project consistently and professionally while also allowing for filtering by project type.

We also worked with them to strategically place keywords that are commonly searched for by browsers looking for services like theirs. This along with other technical SEO optimizations were aimed at driving their search performance for local engineering searches.

In the final phases, we pulled from their modern and edgy logo to design page layouts and a style that mimicked the influences drawn from that design. This provided for cohesive and integrated experience across the whole brand. We were able to leverage their bold and eye catching brand colors to draw attention to important information and actions in order to help guide the visitors experience.

Hagstrom Engineering website displayed on a laptop and tablet

Watching our clients easily build and add content makes all of our hard work worth it.

The Results


Site Visits

There has been over a 14% increase in site visits over the previous year.


Projects Featured

There are a total of 20 project currently featured...and counting


Organic Traffic

Organic search traffic has grown by 13% from the year before the redesign.

matt hagstrom headshot
“The process of working with the crew at CYBERsprout on our website went very smoothly and I'm very impressed with the final product. Thank you!”

Matt Hagstrom

Project Details

Content Management Systems (CMS)Conversion OptimizationCustom Content StructureInformation ArchitectureJourney Mapping & User FlowsLocal SEOMaintenance, Analytics, & TrackingResponsive DesignSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)User Experience DesignVisual Design

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