Case Study

GCI Engineered Solutions


The Challenge

GCI provides a highly customizable line of ergonomic lift assist and torque reaction devices with many different types of configurations. They struggled with finding a way to communicate their offerings in a way that was simple and streamlined for their visitors to comprehend. They also wanted a robust search and filtering component so that visitors could locate exactly what they needed.

GCI also wanted to take advantage of the videos content and articles they were already creating as a way to provide visitors a glimpse into the working solutions they could provide while also highlighting the benefits derived.

As a busy team, they needed a solution that was easy to update and maintain so that they could focus on the business and marketing part while the website content system did most of the heavy lifting.


Our Solution

Our first solution hinged on our ability to create a complex and comprehensive content management system that allowed for different content types to be connected into a holistic picture of their offerings. This content system allows the GCI team to easily create and update content while our templates take care of the presentation.

The CYBERsprout design team then went on to create high-end, brand specific, templates that presented the content in a way that fits a look & feel that connects with their manufacturing audience. The bold and vivid design allowed us to highlight important action points and navigate visitors through their journey. Our team was also able to integration testimonials and current client logos to help build the trust and confidence of potential new customers.

Lastly, we developed for the GCI marketing team with a keyword map and plan that they are able to use when generating new articles, news, and case studies. The keyword map highlighted phrases with ample search volume but that were not overly saturated with competition. This plan helped guide and streamline their content marketing efforts.


Who knew that complex manufacturing could look so cool and sharp!

The Results


Visitor Duration

Site visitors spend on average 40% more time than before.


Bounce Rate

Drop in the amount of people who leave right away after getting to the site.

tiffany golberg
“I am always impressed with how well every single person at CYBERsprout pitches in with their unique talents. It really creates a quality experience when it can all be handled in house, with no confusion.”

Tiffany Golberg

Project Details


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