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In a competitive industry, such as the tourism industry, it’s important to stand apart in your online presence. Some of the best tourism website ideas stem from making the effort to stand out and provide the best possible user experience for potential visitors. Here is a list of some of the best tourism website ideas we have come across.

Visit Seattle’s Trip Planner

Visit Seattle makes trip planning easy, whether someone is a first-time visitor or has visited in the past. The site has a trip planner feature that allows visitors to choose a trip profile based on what best describes them, such as Taste Tester, Culture Chaser, Outdoor Explorer and more. After choosing a profile, the trip planner allows users to indicate how important certain experiences are to them, such as shopping, culture, budget, trip pace and more. The Trip Planner then generates an itinerary for the selected travel dates. Users can click on certain activities to learn more and get an idea of cost, as well as move them around schedule-wise. While visitors may not abide by the exact itinerary, the tool does a good job of introducing them to what the area has to offer, specifically in areas they are interested in, making them more likely to visit.

Visit Seattle’s Trip Planner

Visit Seattle - Tourism Website Ideas

Explore Alexandria’s Booking Engine

This feature allows users to choose potential dates to visit and in turn, it shows a list of available lodging with prices, maps, photos and websites. Visitors can book stays right from the site, eliminating the need to do separate Google searches for various lodging options. This tool allows users to see all the possible options in one place. Users can also view the options in map form, so it is easier to decide where to stay if they desire to be in a certain part of town or the county.

Explore Alexandria Booking Engine

Explore Alexandria - Tourism Website Ideas

Central Lakes Trail’s Interactive Map

As a 55-mile long trail, the Central Lakes Trail covers some ground and passes through various cities. The website takes its map to another level by dropping pins on an interactive map of the trail. As users click through, they are shown where convenience stores are located, as well as points of interest along the route. If clicked, the user is taken to another page with more information about the stop, as well as contact information.

Central Lakes Trail’s Interactive Map

Visit Idaho’s “18 Summers” Campaign

Idaho takes a unique approach to drawing visitors, especially families, by opening with its “18 Summers” campaign. The campaign focuses on the idea that childhood is short and parents have just 18 summers to spend with their children. There is a hashtag to accompany the campaign, as well as a countdown of how many weekends are left in the summer. The site really utilizes video, with an “18 Summers” mini film, as well as short snippets of various activities throughout the site.

Visit Idaho’s “18 Summers

Visit Idaho - Tourism Website Ideas

Destination Canada’s “Where To Go”

Since Canada itself is so large and can appear overwhelming, Destination Canada breaks it down in the site’s “Where To Go” feature, which allows users to click on various parts of the map to see what each area has to offer. As users hover over the areas, the site displays travel times from major U.S. cities. Upon clicking, users are given more information on the coinciding area, including a link that jumps to the website for the specific area of Canada. Destination Canada provides a one-stop shop for learning about all areas of the country.

Destination Canada’s “Where To Go”

Destination Canada - Tourism Website Ideas

Australia’s “Explore Australia”

Like some other sites, Explore Australia breaks down its offerings in map form. However, the site does so in a very straightforward way, using pins with a number of different icons, labeled “Do,” “Eat,” “Sleep,” and “Events.” By clicking on a pin, users are provided more information about the topic, including a direct link to booking options and contact information if applicable. Logged in users can also save their favorite pins, making it easy to revisit their picks later. The map also features a “Recommended For You” section, displaying a number of relevant links.

Explore Australia

Explore Australia - Tourism Website Ideas

Tourism website ideas for a successful site 

When it comes to tourism website ideas, the possibilities are really endless. As the main goal of tourism sites is to attract visitors to an area, the presentation of the site itself matters greatly. If a user isn’t impressed with a potential destination’s site, they may assume the area doesn’t have much to offer and may be turned off from visiting. On the flip side, if the site is inviting and displays information in an educational and easy to use manner, visitors may just decide it’s the place for them.

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