Wildwood Resort



Wildwood Resort has been a family tradition in Grand Rapids, MN for more than 70 years. CYBERsprout substantially upgraded the look of the new website and improved the user experience by integrating real-time booking and cabin availability. Another goal was to emphasize all the things available year-round at the resort so we added season-specific pages and an easy to update interface to add/manage seasonal activities and events

kim and jay jamtgaard of wildwood resort
“The CYBERsprout team provided great communication, training, and we have a beautiful new site to boot.”

Kim & Jay Jamtgaard

Project Details


Content Management Systems (CMS)Custom Content StructureInformation ArchitectureJourney Mapping & User FlowsMaintenance, Analytics, & TrackingResponsive DesignSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)User Experience DesignVisual Design

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