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Steven’s Community Medical Center was a site redesign with the goal of making information easy to find and informative. There are so many moving pieces to a health care facility and we had to account for all of them. The result is a streamlined experience for users that embodies SCMC’s patient-first philosophy.

angie cole with SCMC
“The CYBERsprout team were totally were supportive and listened to our needs and wants. I appreciated the entire workflow of meet and greet, to getting our wishlist and priorities documented, and the strategic development from start to finish. I did a lot of shopping around for a new site developer. I believe CYBERsprout helped us set our hospital/clinic as a visually appealing user-friendly site. Kudos to CyberSprout's PR, professionalism, creativity and making the daunting web rebuild process a great experience.”

Angie Cole

Project Details


Content Management Systems (CMS)Custom Content StructureInformation ArchitectureJourney Mapping & User FlowsMaintenance, Analytics, & TrackingResponsive DesignSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)User Experience DesignVisual Design

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