5 Ways We Keep Design Moving Smoothly For Clients

After the initial meetings have been conducted and the contract has been signed, we often hear our clients ask, “Now what?” The truth is that it can be a bit daunting for clients when it comes to getting started on the design portion of a website. Often they aren’t quite sure of the direction they’d like to take, or they have a hard time visualizing the end result. 

But that’s why our team is here. Here are a few ways we make sure the design process goes smoothly!

1. We have our clients fill out a Discovery Document. In short, this document is a series of questions about your existing site (if you have one) and your vision for your new site. Our team refers to the document when designing to make sure that our vision aligns with yours. The more thorough you are in your answers, the more clearly our designers can visualize your ideas for the site. 

2. We offer additional design services to our clients. Need a logo before jumping into the site design? Our designers will work with you to nail down your visual identity and then work it into the site accordingly. If you already have an established brand, we will work off that. 

An example of logo design work for a client

3. We design the home page first. Rather than taking on the whole site at once, our designers focus on only the home page and then have you review it. This way you can offer feedback and any changes you have to the design style so we can keep that in mind moving forward with the rest of the pages. This also gives you the chance to see ideas come to life and a way visualize the final outcome. During this part of the process, as well as the rest of the site design, we utilize tools like InVisionApp and ProjectHuddle. Both tools allow you as the client to view the page and leave feedback. We then base the remaining site design off the home page design.

The tool ProjectHuddle allows clients to leave comments and feedback right on their website.

4. We periodically review the site with the client. After the home page has been approved, our designers go ahead and build out the rest of the site to match the same aesthetic. Once the pages are complete, we send them to you for review. Based on your feedback, we make additional changes to the design and/or content.

5. We keep in communication throughout the process. During the design process, you will always know where your project stands. We touch base numerous times throughout the process, as stated above, and will make sure to keep you in the loop when it comes to the remaining needs for the site via a collection tool called Content Snare. We also keep you in the know when it comes to a date for launching the site. We always want you to know what is going on so that you feel involved in the process and are happy with the final product.

If at any point during the design process you as the client feel like the design is drifting from what you envisioned, we want to hear it. Our top priority is making sure that we provide you with a site you are fully happy with that also performs well and boosts results.

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Beth Leipholtz

I have a passion for design and creating meaningful content while also embracing creativity. In my spare time, I am all about CrossFit, dogs, writing, nature, photography and reading.

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