2019 Year in Review

Just like that, the decade is drawing to a close! The past 12 months have flown by here at CYBERsprout, and we've accomplished some pretty neat things together. Here are a few highlights from our team.

Team Growth

Our team evolved even more this year. In April, we welcomed Nate as a full-time web developer. His talent and drive to learn has added to our team greatly. In August, we bid farewell to our design intern, Colton, as he headed off to school. His replacement, Tristan, came on board in September and has become one of the team quickly. We also added a mini-Sprouter, as one of our web designers, Beth, welcomed a baby boy named Cooper!


By the numbers


unique visitors

The total unique visitors to sites we manage averaged 295,569 per month.


gb of data

We currently store and protect thousands of photos, videos, and other content for clients.


sites managed

We currently manage sites in 8 states and 2 countries.

best of

This year we created some sites we're pretty proud of from a design standpoint. We've highlighted a few below.

Alexandria Cardinal Athletic Foundation

The Alex Cards site needed an overhaul to make it more user-friendly. We chose to rely heavily on images for the site in order to tell the story of the student athletes. 

McNaughton Plastic Surgery

The McNaughton Plastic Surgery site was a good chance to embrace light and airy design, while communicating an upscale feel and outlining services. 

Heather Godfrey Body Design

The Heather Godfrey site provided a change to utilize feminine design components while also focusing on diet and fitness with an overall powerful vibe. 

Crossfit Repo

CrissFit Repo wanted to emphasize community through the use of photos, as well as provide outlines of each type of class offering and information about the gym's coaches. 

Life Quest Chiropractic

Life Quest wanted to stand out from other chiropractors by utilizing bold and bright colors and design and personalized photos. Their site also features a blog used to inform and educate.

Orion Premium Resort Sales

Orion wanted their site to communicate their focus: resorts, especially those on lakes. Redesigning their logo gave us fresh new lake colors and a fun wave graphic to play off of.

New Decade, Same Us

As always, the past year brought us new challenges and opportunities for growth. We created some pretty neat stuff and had fun doing it. As the decade comes to a close, it's crazy to reflect on how much CYBERsprout has grown. With 2020 approaching, we are stoked to kick off the new decade with some amazing projects in the works and with a great, growing team. Thank you to all of you for making it possible to do what we love for yet another year!

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