Sand Dust Effect For Website Design

The most exciting part of design is that it’s always changing. The challenge however, is finding a balance between design that’s trending and design that going to make you or your business stand out and shine.

An exploding sand dust animation is a way to create a whole new viewing experience on our tourism website development page. It’s merging motion graphics into a 2D design that is what creates an exciting experience for the viewer.

The Process

Starting in Adobe Photoshop, a variety of brushes are used to create multiple effects from smoke to dust particles. What’s interesting about this process is that a different look is created each time, so no two creations are alike. Adjusting the hue is a simple way to create different color variations.

Bringing the illustration to life is done through the timeline in Photoshop. Each layer is brought into the timeline and given a start and end time. From there, a duration is chosen depending on the type of effect that is desired. After adjusting the brush layers, the animation is now ready to be exported. The file can be saved as a gif or even a mp4, depending on the intended

Green dust effect

Bringing Into Context

Creating an illustration is always just the beginning, bringing into context gives it a whole new life. The abstract artwork can be a static image or an animation which is what makes it so versatile. The animation is best showcased in the hero space of landing pages. It brings a whole new energy to any website and is sure to be remembered.


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Chase Moening

Chase is freshly minted graphic designer from Alexandria Technical and Community College that is going on to the University of Wisconsin-Stout to further explore the design world.

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