New Team Member: Meet Beth!

CYBERsprout welcomes Beth Leipholtz as a web designer to the team!

“Beth will be helping our clients’ website visions come to life utilizing her design, content writing, and development experience,” says CYBERsprout’s Client Relationship Manager Brad Chancellor. “She has a hungry appetite to learn which is something we especially look for in the fast-changing online environment.”

Originally from Buffalo, Minn., Beth has a degree in communications from the College of Saint Benedict. While attending college there, she worked as an editor for the school newspaper before graduating in 2015. After a brief stint with the Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, she moved to Alexandria to be with her boyfriend and to embrace the small-town feel she missed while living in the Twin Cities. Once in Alexandria, she continued her writing career by working for the Echo Press as a local news reporter and social media manager.

Meet web designer Beth Leipholtz

“Being a reporter helped me get to know the community on a level that I never would have otherwise. I formed friendships with and gained an immense level of respect for many of the community’s officials, as well as with community members,” says Beth. “I always say there is no better way to get to know a community than to work at the paper for a few years. I will always be grateful to the Echo for giving me that.”

Since starting at CYBERsprout, Beth has utilized her knowledge and experience to hit the ground running and is “loving everything about it”.

“The team is amazing and everyone clicks well,” she said. “It’s evident that each person here wants the others to be the best version of themselves and hone in on the skills they enjoy and are gifted with…also, there are dogs here. I love dogs.”

CYBERsprout Owner and Website Strategist Tyler Golberg is excited about what Beth will bring to the company.

“Beth’s ability to take initiative and meet challenges head-on is a big reason we’re excited she joined our team,” he said. “She’s also great at practicing empathy, allowing her to connect with clients and understand the problems they are trying to solve.”

Beth is most looking forward to having the opportunity to take chances and be creative.

“I think I have a good eye for design and creating visions in my head,” she said. “Bringing them to life isn’t always simple, but that is part of what makes it fun.”

She also looks forward to challenging herself and learning through trying new things.

“Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but both instances are useful,” says Beth. “I know that there will be times that something new feels over my head or feels frustrating, but I think that just makes the learning all the more rewarding.”

Along with her passion for design creativity, Beth is looking forward to bringing her love of writing to CYBERsprout.

“I am happy to be able to bring some writing skills to the table, as that has always been my first love. It’s not necessarily something everyone enjoys, so I am always happy to step in,” she said.

According to Chancellor, Beth is a dedicated hard worker with a ‘go-getter’ attitude.

“She brings new and dynamic strengths we are excited to watch develop alongside the other CYBERsprout team members,” he said.

Beth and her boyfriend own a hobby farm in Leaf Valley, where they care for three dogs, two cats and two goats.

“We spend a lot of time in the summer working on the house and are currently in the middle of a bathroom remodel,” she said.

Beth is involved in CrossFit and enjoys working out and pushing herself. She also enjoys reading, cleaning, making ideas come to life, decorating her home, hiking and spending time on the lakes.

Rachel Golberg

Rachel is a professional number cruncher and benevolent overlord of the office. In her spare time, she loves collecting interior design photos on Pinterest and making crafts with her kids.

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