New Team Member: Meet Whitney!

Whitney Fischer, a native of Chokio, Minn., has recently joined CYBERsprout as a Website Designer.

Fischer has a degree in Marketing from Southwest Minnesota State University, with a minor in Graphic Design. Since graduating, she has worked in many different roles, including project management for a boutique design agency in Minneapolis and marketing for a hotel and real estate development company in Sioux Falls, SD. Throughout the last year, she has been working in various part-time contract roles helping a variety of organizations with their marketing, design and web-related projects.

Meet web designer Whitney Fischer

It is this experience that played a big role in Fischer becoming a part of the CYBERsprout team.

“I think my background in graphic design can translate well when working on new websites – setting CYBERsprout clients apart from the generic do-it-yourself or template-style sites,” she said.

CYBERsprout’s Project Manager, Brad Chancellor, is extremely happy with the addition of Fisher. According to Chancellor, her incredible aptitude for learning has allowed her to adapt extremely fast, and clients have been pleased with her work thus far.

“Our clients have loved the design eye that she brings to their projects.”

She also fits in on a more personal level.

“Aside from her years of experience, Whitney brings an amazing positive energy to CYBERsprout,” said Chancellor.

CYBERsprout Owner and Website Strategist Tyler Golberg is also looking forward to another team member.

“Whitney has a natural eye for great design and is incredibly quick at picking up new development skills,” he said. “We couldn’t be more excited to have her join our team!”

Fischer herself looks forward to learning more within the industry.

“New web technology and development tools are introduced every day, so it’s fun to see what’s next,” she said. She’s also excited to see how CYBERsprout grows in the future.

“CYBERsprout does a great job of appreciating different work styles and strengths, they value individual growth and continued learning, and the company culture is just really flexible and fun,” she said.

Fischer loves being back in the area, only 60 miles from where she grew up.

“Living in Alexandria means we are much closer to family — so as our family grows, that is a huge bonus and benefit,” said Fischer. “A large part of why I really enjoy living here is the people; we have made a lot of new friends and connected with many old friends from home, and find it has been easy to meet other young families like us.”

Fischer and her husband, Matt, have an 18-month-old daughter, Lennon. They enjoy spending time with their family and friends, going to the YMCA and being at the lake in the summer.

Rachel Golberg

Rachel is a professional number cruncher and benevolent overlord of the office. In her spare time, she loves collecting interior design photos on Pinterest and making crafts with her kids.

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