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With over half of search traffic now coming from mobile devices, Billmark’s needed an updated site that would be fully responsive. Being “fully responsive” meant a news site that would display beautifully on phones, wide-screen monitors, and everything in between. It also translated into a bump in search traffic due to Google’s algorithm update for mobile-friendly sites.

Aside from the responsive design, we also implemented a new SEO structure to where each of the four offices could found easily in their respective geographic area. This new setup would help to draw in local traffic and translate into a bump in sales.

We are extremely happy with the results and I would not hesitate to recommend CYBERspout to anyone looking for a fresh new look to their website or considering creating their very first site! You will be surprised at how smooth the process is!

~Marty Trierweiler

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I love writing about web design that inspires, figuring out Google's black box, and speaking to lively audiences. In my spare time, I enjoy reading Game of Thrones (waiting on Winds of Winter) and touring the lakes on my paddleboard.

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