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As a new clinic in town, Alexandria Rehabilitation wanted to make a great first impression. We decided on a clean theme with a powerful slider featuring the best traits of the clinic. The slider, along with the rest of the site design, was designed to be fully responsive so that it displayed beautifully on all devices. To avoid the slow load times often times caused by sliders, we spent considerable time optimizing the images and limiting the number of functions loaded on the home page. The result was a stunning first impression with a lightning fast load time.
alex rehab website design

Tyler and Rachel did such an amazing job on our website! They were so easy to work with–and FAST! I’d send something to Tyler and within minutes it would be posted on our site. I can’t believe how much I learned from Tyler while working with him; he is unbelievably knowledgeable in the world of technology. Thank you, thank you for making our site look exactly the way we wanted it–and for making the process so fun!

~Kendra Hartsell

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Tyler Golberg

I love writing about web design that inspires, figuring out Google's black box, and speaking to lively audiences. In my spare time, I enjoy reading Game of Thrones (waiting on Winds of Winter) and touring the lakes on my paddleboard.

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