Mobilegeddon: Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update

Today is the day that all websites without a mobile site are going to be set on fire by Google. Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch but Google did make it very clear a couple months ago that it will be downgrading sites in mobile searches that are not responsive. And it makes sense. Google’s algorithm is always looking to deliver the best possible results. No users like a site where a bunch of tiny buttons are smushed together and a finger tap hits them all. And having to zoom in and out to read text or see a picture clearly is annoying.

More Incentive Than Just Google

Google is dropping the hammer but there are plenty of other reasons to go mobile. Tons of potential customers use their phones to vet their shopping choices, find the nearest vendor, or just discover the area. With mobile searches expected to surpass desktops this year, you’d be leaving half of the market out of your reach.

Mobile website infographic

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