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Brand Guide


If you have any questions about usage of our branding, please shoot an email to [email protected].


Welcome to CYBERsprout! We are a boutique website design studio located in western Minnesota. The following guide was created to represent who we are through design and personality (sans the Minnesotan accent). Feel free to use the graphics, colors, and fonts that follow for CYBERsprout mentions or marketing material!

Who We Are

It’s time to face it: creating an effective website is not easy. That’s why we’re here.

At CYBERsprout, we pride ourselves on being experts in our area, which includes website design, development and strategy. Our priority is to provide you a beautiful, user-friendly website that keeps your goals at the forefront.

When done right, a website can quickly establish credibility, empower your visitor, and as a result grow your business or organization. Reach out today if you’re ready to take the next step. We're waiting to become your partner for the digital world.

Vision & Mission

CYBERsprout aims to eliminate the noise so you can focus on what matters most to you. Whether you are a growing business or a non-profit looking to make an impact, your website should empower you to reach your goals. We are continually striving to create an experience that clients love.


"Your partner for the digital world."


  1. Creative
  2. Quirky
  3. Relatable

The CYBERsprout logo is a fusion of digital and nature. CYBERsprout gets an uppercase treatment that brings a professional edge to the personality of the leaf mark.

When possible, use the full-color banner logo. The white version can be utilized over darker backgrounds where the colored version is difficult to see. The square logo should be used for smaller spaces and social profile photos. Use the icon found in the Icon section below as an accent graphic or for spaces smaller than 50 pixels tall or wide.

Full Color Banner


White Banner


Square Logo



icon-leafThe green leaf icon is special for CYBERsprout. It is used in everything from our logo to our favicon. We even use it for custom graphics on items like t-shirts, an example of which is below. It is often utilized to bring a natural element to our mostly digital focus. Feel free to use this icon however you see fit as long as it sticks to our message and branding.


Spacing & Sizes

The CYBERsprout logo should be surrounded by some negative space and not encroached upon by other objects. The logo is ideally set on top of an opaque background color that offers a sufficient contrast ratio. The CYBERsprout icon should be used instead of the logo when other objects need to be connected to make a graphic.



The primary brand color selected to represent CYBERsprout is Sprout Green.


The color Spring Green should only be used as an accent color when contrast is necessary.


The color Dark Gray should be utilized as a background color for sections, buttons, etc. Black primarily for text.

Sprout Green

Hex #4CA54C
RGB (75, 164, 74)
CMYK (C=74, M=11, Y=97, K=1)

Spring Green

Hex #CBDF70
RGB (203,222,113)
CMYK (C=24, M=0, Y=71, K=0)

Dark Gray

Hex #4d4d4d
RGB (77, 77, 77)
CMYK (C=1,M=0, Y=1, K=0.698)


Hex #0a0a0a
RGB (10, 10, 10)
CMYK (C=1, M=0,Y=1, K=0.502)


For Titles and Headings

The titles and heading for our branding utilize the Google font, Montserrat.

[email protected]#$%^&*()

For Body Text

The body text utilizes the Google font, Montserrat regular.

Montserrat regular
[email protected]#$%^&*()

Font Alternatives

For online content, the backup font families should be used in the following order: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif.

Example of Text Styling

Heading 1


Heading 2


Heading 3


Heading 4

This is the regular body text to display the font being utilized. This is the regular body text to display the font being utilized. This is the regular body text to display the font being utilized. This is the regular body text to display the font being utilized. This is the regular body text to display the font being utilized. This is the regular body text to display the font being utilized.

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